Connell Brothers Ltd. continued investment

As part of the planned regime of continual investment in up to date machinery, Connell Brothers Ltd has elected to install the OilQuick system on new machines.

As responsible demolition contractors, Connell Brothers consider both the Health & Safety of their operatives and the impact of their operations on the environment as their main priority. With OilQuick now becoming the norm on demolition excavators throughout the UK, Connell Brothers saw it as the logical time to install the system while investing in their new machines.

Managing Director Jim Connell confirms that careful consideration was given to alternatives in the market place but following a review it was decided that the investment would be made with attachment specialists ECY Haulmark and the OilQuick System. Connell Brothers had demonstrated and trialed other automatic quick coupler systems available on the market prior to placing the order, but had found the OilQuick to be the one which had performed beyond their expectations.

OilQuick enables the driver to operate from the safety of the excavator cab without the need to get out to make manual attachment changes, some of which can take in excess of twenty minutes per change.

The OilQuick system allows an automatic attachment change in just 15-20 seconds. Not only does this keep the operator in the safety of the cab but eliminates costly downtime, ensures the operator always has the correct attachment on hand for the job and prevents environmental damage caused by changing hydraulic hoses manually and spilling oil on the ground. As the hydraulic hoses are now installed tightly through the centre of the attachment, coupled closely with the dipper arm there is no chance of snagging a hose and causing a costly repair bill.

The two new systems (OilQuick OQ80) have been fitted to two new machines located on a current project to demolish fifteen blocks of social housing in the Salford area of Manchester. With the project half-way through completion Connell Brothers will monitor the performance of these new items of equipment and assess their performance as a direct comparison with older items used during previous phase of demolishing the blocks and taking up the slabs.

Connell Brothers have made a further investment in new VTN MD290 demolition sorting grabs for the machines. This range of sorting grabs has recently been modified with a host of new features one of which includes larger capacity grab for handling material. Introduction of the OilQuick system to the new grab ensures none of the hydraulic hoses are exposed as before on a traditional quick hitch.

Jim Connell concluded that with the introduction of the OilQuick system their operators would now benefit from improved work practices, increased health and safety and the opportunity to use the correct attachment for the job at hand.

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