OilQuick celebrates a solid Bond

It hardly seems like seven years since the very first OilQuick unit in the UK supplied by ECY Haulmark back in 2008 was installed onto a Komatsu PC240 in Caerphilly, South Wales. ECY Haulmark recently revisited Bond Demolition to catch up with that very first OQ70/55 unit after being reinstalled onto a brand new Komatsu PC240, currently working on a contract demolishing an old cinema to make way for a new car park in the old coal mining town of Abertillery, South Wales.

Having just recently taken delivery of the new machine from Komatsu and a VTN MD290 selector grab attachment from ECY Haulmark, operator John Evans was more than delighted to show us how the original OilQuick unit had been reinstalled on to the new machine and was still working as good as new after all these years.

Bond Demolitions Site Manager Dean Williams explained “We are proud to be the first company in the UK to convert our machines to OilQuick, it was the best decision and just completely changed the way we tackled our demolition projects. The OilQuick is completely transferable when you choose to replace machines and this original unit on John’s machine is showing no sign of wear and tear, I firmly believe it will just last and last if looked after and maintained correctly”

“One of the beauties of the OilQuick such as on this site like this is the space constraints, you can see there is just not room for more than one machine. Having OilQuick fitted means we can roll up with one machine and a selection of attachments such as a bucket, selector grab and a breaker if necessary. Another benefit we have found is that any risk of oil spillage is totally eliminated with OilQuick, The system is so well fitted by the ECY Haulmark engineers to both the machine and attachments. They ensure the hydraulic hoses are drawn really tightly through the centre of the attachments so that any chance of exposure, snagging or leaking is completely eliminated”.

“We would highly recommend OilQuick to any other demolition contractor considering converting to an automatic quick coupler system purely because of the high quality of the product and length of trouble free service the original units continue to give us.”

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