Shear power for Coleman & Company

Birmingham based specialist demolition contractors Coleman & Company were awarded the contract to demolish Didcot A power station in Oxfordshire back in March of 2012. A huge scale project which would involve the explosive demolition of the three southern cooling towers in July of 2014 and the huge undertaking of the removal of a significant amount of heavy material from the site to process.

Coleman & Company recognised that part the plant requirement for Didcot was for maximum versatility and a class of machine which could carry specific weights of tools where the demolition of the metal structures of the project were concerned.

During 2013 Coleman & Company took a trip to France to view a Liebherr 974 fitted with a LaBounty MSD7500R working in the demolition of a European power station. This was enough to convince them this was the perfect machine and attachment combo for their needs. On their return an order was placed for three Liebherr 956 excavators, two R954 VH-HDW and one R974 VH-HD with special adaptations to carry specific weights of LaBounty MSD steel shears to be supplied by ECY Haulmark.

Liebherr then faced the tough challenge to supply Coleman & Company with machines which were much more versatile than just one machine for one tool, so they came up with a range of adaptations to allow them to take certain shears at certain heights and certain weights with the same connections. The maximum tool weight that can be used is the Labounty MSD7500R with a weight of around 14 tonnes. This can be used stick mounted on the 974 and is also capable of being boom mounted on the 954.

In mid 2014 Liebherr delivered a 956 fitted with a LaBounty MSD2500R on the stick and a 956 with a boom mounted LaBounty MSD4000R, both shears were factory installed and tested at Liebherr’s UK headquarters in Biggleswade to ensure maximum efficiency and performance of both machine and shear.

In January of 2015 Coleman & Company took delivery of the 974 and stick mounted LaBounty MSD7500R which had been delivered and installed at the Liebherr factory in Colmar, France, again to ensure maximum efficiency and performance of both machine and shear. Liebherr designed a special build R974D VH-HD machine to be able to carry the LaBounty MSD7500R shear.  The machine has a modular joint and has a specially designed HD boom and HD stick with oversized hydraulic cylinders to be able to operate the shear to a maximum height of 20 Metres.

The LaBounty MSD7500R steel shear weighs 14 tonnes and is capable of cutting 800mm pipe, 38mm plate, 950mm I beam and 165mm solid round bar. This shear operates with an oil flow of 900L per minute with a maximum operating pressure of 325bar giving the shear 6.6 cycles per minute

Although the Liebherr 974 and LaBounty MSD7500R were not the cheapest option on the market, Coleman & Company fully understood the need for quality hardwearing equipment which would stand the rigours of the tough demolition environment, in this case power station demolition.

Throughout the entire project to build and supply the machines and steel shears Liebherr, LaBounty and ECY Haulmark worked very closely together to ensure the Client received a quality built product along with a second to none service.

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