Manchester Site visited by Chinese President

Friday 23.10.2015.



Connell Brothers Ltd are currently carrying out enabling works and demolition of redundant buildings at the University of Manchester in advance of the construction of the £300 million Manchester Engineering Campus (MECD)

Structures to be demolished comprise of five redundant four storey residential blocks and the six storey Material Sciences Building. Enabling works required for the diversion, disconnection and installation of new services to retained educational facilities outside of our site footprint with no disruption to the various operational faculties. The project also includes for providing protection to the University’s main comms system and equipment which runs through the centre of the demolition zone and supports all computer systems on the Oxford Road South Campus and the city centre North Campus.

All demolition operations are planned and carried out in liaison with the various stakeholders ensuring there is no impact on the day to day educational timetable for the 35,000 plus students on campus or to members of the public using the adjacent “world renowned Aquatics Centre”

One such amendment to our demolition schedule was to accommodate a visit by the Chinese Premier.      

As part of the his visit to Manchester The Chinese President, President Xi Jinping visited the 'world leading' National Graphene Institute at the University of Manchester which is located across the road from the busy demolition site.

The Premier was welcomed by Prof Dame Nancy Rothwell Vice Chancellor University of Manchester and George Osborne (Chancellor of the Exchequer).

He toured the state of the art facilities, seeing the latest applications of the technology including electronics, lighting and biomedical devices.

Connell Brothers site management team provided full co-operation with Greater Manchester Police to ensure there was no disruption to the visit and further ensured that an adequate area was provided adjacent to the site for spectators.

During the President’s visit the works were suspended in the immediate area of the Graphene Institute which is located some 30 metres from the MECD development and quiet working undertaken to the remainder of the site.

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