Oil Flowing Quick in the City!

Birmingham based company City Demolition continually update and invest in new plant and equipment on a regular basis, recent additions to their fleet include four new Hyundai excavators, one being a Hyundai R380 and three Hyundai R300’s purchased together with a variety of new hydraulic attachments including selector grabs, concrete pulverisers, breakers, shears and 360 degree combi cutters.

City Demolition also identified this as the perfect opportunity to install all the new machines and attachments with the OilQuick automatic quick coupler system from Warrington based attachment specialist ECY Haulmark. Realising automatic quick coupler systems are now becoming the norm on demolition sites across the UK after seeing other demolition contractors invest in OilQuick in recent years when purchasing new plant and attachments.

OilQuick permits hydraulic attachments and work tools to be changed over in less than twenty seconds without the operator having to leave the safety cab to perform traditional manual attachment changes. The benefits of which enhance operator safety, reduce environmental damage from oil spillage and burst hoses, reduce the cost of replacing hoses whilst eliminating machine downtime and ensuring the correct attachment is always on hand for the demolition project being carried out.

City Demolition are currently utilising their new Hyundai R380 complete with the OilQuick OQ80 coupler and various attachments on phase two of an eight month project to demolish the Tucker Fasteners factory, Walsall Road, Birmingham. City operator Conrad is delighted with the addition of OilQuick to his new machine. Commenting from the safety of his cab, Conrad explained “the addition of the OilQuick has been brilliant, it’s a class system and I have quickly become a big fan, it has been a great investment by City Demolition, while eliminating the need for two or three further machines on the site, now I can quickly change between hydraulic breaker, concrete pulverisor and bucket to get the job completed a lot more quickly and efficiently than previously.

Mark Doyle Managing Director Of City Demolition Commented “Obviously the initial outlay and costs do work out expensive but I can already see the overall benefits on progress of current projects/contracts and their swift turnaround, it’s definitely the way forward and we will continue to update our further fleet in time to come. We are more than happy with the OilQuick OQ80 coupler system and the professionalism, back up and support of ECY Haulmark, their staff and management team are second to none. Obviously initial teething problems occur but were soon sorted out to ensure competency when the new system was implemented”


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