Waste and Permitting Guidance

The scope of this guidance is to identify the options available to contractors in terms of the reuse of waste materials on and offsite for the demolition industry. This guidance is intended to offer advice on the various options available and the necessary steps required to ensure legal compliance. If you are in any doubt or are working on a complex site, additional support should be sought from an environmental professional and the appropriate regulator, e.g., the Environment Agency. This guide cannot deal with every eventuality, site condition or waste type. However, due consideration has been given to the main types of waste and their respective treatment and disposal routes at the time of publishing.

The guidance does not in any way limit the responsibilities and statutory duties of the parties involved in deconstruction or demolition and waste processes. All stakeholders should exercise their own knowledge, experience and judgement in all matters relating to the handling and management of wastes on-site. The guidance note has no specific recommendations on the waste management process that best suits your site, but it does present the options available and their respective implications.

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