We have been made aware that a Michael Smith or Michael Jones is attempting to hire excavators as Bagnall UK.

This person has so far contacted Aplant, Buckhurst Plant, Flannery, Mechplant and Thomas Plant asking for excavators of varying sizes to be delivered to an address in Back Lane, Oldham.  Unfortunately I Thomas plant have actually delivered equipment to this address before speaking to Bagnall.

Bagnall UK do not have an employee by this name and have no works in this location.

This person is also now giving an email address of which has been ‘bouncing back’ to the senders, he has also supplied ‘order numbers’ which are not in their format.

We have reported this to Cheshire Police who advised us to ask the Plant companies to register this on Action Fraud.

Bagnall have the mobile number which he is using but have not tried to ring it – They can let you have it if you need it.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact Karen of Bagnall on 01925 214 110 or

12th September 2017

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