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777 Demolition & Haulage Co Ltd         London and Southern
A Buckler (Haulage) Ltd         North East
Advanced Demolition Ltd         London and Southern
Albion Jones Ltd    North East
Anglian Demolition & Asbestos Ltd         London and Southern
Apex Demolition Limited    New Member - yet to complete site audit Midlands and Welsh
AR Demolition Ltd         Midlands and Welsh
Armac Demolition Ltd         Midlands and Welsh
B & B Industrial Dismantling Ltd         North East
Bagnall (UK) Ltd         North West
Balicrest Ltd         London and Southern
Bardem Limited    New Member - yet to complete site audit Scotland and N.Ireland
Bath Demolition Ltd         London and Southern
BDB Dismantling Limited         North East
Best Demolition Limited         London and Southern
Bloom Demolition and Excavation Limited    New Member - yet to complete site audit     Midlands and Welsh
Bond Demolition Ltd         Midlands and Welsh
Bradley Demolition Limited         North West
Bromley Demolition Co Ltd         London and Southern
Brown and Mason Ltd    Non compliantLondon and Southern
Burnfield Builders & Demolishers Ltd         Scotland and N.Ireland
Button-Linguard         London and Southern
C Jackson & Sons (Bedford) Ltd         London and Southern
Callaghan Demolition Ltd         London and Southern
Cantillon Ltd         London and Southern
Cardiff Demolition Co. Ltd         Midlands and Welsh
Caskie Limited    New Member - yet to complete site audit Scotland and N.Ireland
Cawarden Company Limited         Midlands and Welsh
Central Demolition Ltd         Scotland and N.Ireland
CEP Demolitions Ltd         Scotland and N.Ireland
City Demolition Contractors (Birmingham) Ltd         Midlands and Welsh
Clarke Demolition Company Limited         London and Southern
Clifford Devlin Ltd         London and Southern
CLS Demolition Ltd         Midlands and Welsh
CMEC Demolition Ltd    Non compliantMidlands and Welsh
Coleman & Company Ltd         Midlands and Welsh
Comley Demolition         London and Southern
Complete Demolition Ltd         North West
Connell Brothers Ltd    Non compliantNorth West
Cuddy Group         Midlands and Welsh
D Geddes (Contractors) Ltd    Non compliantScotland and N.Ireland
Daltons Demolitions Ltd         Scotland and N.Ireland
David Morton (Larbert) Ltd         Scotland and N.Ireland
DBS Demolition Services Limited         London and Southern
DDS (Demolition) Limited         London and Southern
Dem-Master Demolition Ltd         Scotland and N.Ireland
Demex Ltd         North East
Demo One Ltd         London and Southern
Dorton Demolition & Excavation Ltd         London and Southern
Down to Earth Demolition Limited         Midlands and Welsh
Downwell Demolition Limited         London and Southern
DSM Demolition Ltd         Midlands and Welsh
DSR Demolition Limited         Midlands and Welsh
E. Nicholson & Sons (Metals) Ltd         Scotland and N.Ireland
East Midlands Demolition Limited         Midlands and Welsh
Econ Construction Ltd         London and Southern
Embassy Demolition Contractors Ltd         London and Southern
Erith Contractors Ltd         London and Southern
Essex Demolition Contractors Ltd         London and Southern
Expotrak Ltd         North East
Forth Demolition Ltd         Scotland and N.Ireland
Frank O'Gara & Sons Ltd         North West
G J Gaywood Limited         London and Southern
Garvey Demolition Limited         Midlands and Welsh
GBM Demolition Ltd         Midlands and Welsh
George Beattie & Sons Ltd         Scotland and N.Ireland
Gill Demolitions Ltd         North East
Goody Demolition Ltd         London and Southern
Gowrie Contracts Limited    Non compliantScotland and N.Ireland
GTB Demolition Co. Ltd         North West
H Smith (Engineers) Ltd         London and Southern
Hampshire Environmental Services Ltd         London and Southern
Hill Demolition LLP         London and Southern
Howard Stott Demolition Limited         North West
Hughes & Salvidge Ltd         London and Southern
I H Equipment Ltd         North East
Inglenorth (Contracting) Limited         North West
J Freeley Ltd         North West
J Mould (Reading)         London and Southern
J P Tisdale (Demolition) Ltd         North West
J. Doyle & Co. (Demolition) Ltd T/A Sloyan Doyle         North West
JCJ Demolition & Construction Ltd         Scotland and N.Ireland
John Beech Ltd    Non compliantNorth West
John F Hunt Ltd         London and Southern
John Stacey & Sons Ltd         London and Southern
John Tinnelly & Sons Ltd         Scotland and N.Ireland
KCP Demolition Limited         London and Southern
KDC Contractors Ltd         North West
Keanes Ltd         London and Southern
Keltbray Ltd         London and Southern
L.A Moore Ltd         London and Southern
Lancebox Ltd         London and Southern
Lawrie Demolition Ltd         Scotland and N.Ireland
Lawson Demolition Ltd         London and Southern
Lowery Demolition Ltd         London and Southern
M & M Demolition Co. Ltd         London and Southern
MacWilliam Demolition Ltd         Scotland and N.Ireland
Maldon Demolition Ltd         London and Southern
Matthews (Sussex) Ltd.         London and Southern
Maylarch Environmental Ltd         London and Southern
McCormack Site Services (Ireland) Ltd T/A McCormac         Scotland and N.Ireland
McFletch Ltd         London and Southern
McGee Group Ltd         London and Southern
MGL Demolition Ltd         North East
Monksview Demolition Ltd         Midlands and Welsh
Moorhead Demolition Ltd         North East
Newline Midlands Ltd         Midlands and Welsh
Northbank Demolition Company Limited         North West
Northeast Demolition UK Ltd         London and Southern
Oakwood Demolition Ltd         London and Southern
Oldham Bros.         North West
P P O'Connor Ltd         North West
P. McGuinness & Co. Ltd         North West
PBM Contractors Ltd         Midlands and Welsh
Prodem Demolition & Asbestos Ltd         Midlands and Welsh
PTS Demolition & Dismantling Limited         North East
R Collard Ltd         London and Southern
Randall Contacting Ltd         London and Southern
Redbridge Demolition Co Ltd         London and Southern
Reddish Demolition Ltd         North West
Redhead Demolitions Co Ltd         London and Southern
Reigart Contracts Ltd         Scotland and N.Ireland
Robinson & Birdsell Ltd         North East
Ron Hull Demolition Ltd         North East
Rye Demolition Ltd         London and Southern
S Evans & Sons Ltd         North West
S Fallon & Sons (Contractors) Limited    New Member - yet to complete site audit     Midlands and Welsh
Safedem Ltd         Scotland and N.Ireland
Sam Allon (Contracts) Ltd         North East
Sam Gilpin Demolition Ltd         London and Southern
Southern Demolition Co. Ltd         London and Southern
Squibb Group Ltd         London and Southern
Syd Bishop & Sons (Demolition) Ltd         London and Southern
T E Scudder Limited         London and Southern
T R Demolition (UK-International) Ltd         London and Southern
Technodem Ltd    Non compliantScotland and N.Ireland
Thompsons of Prudhoe Limited         North East
Tilley & Barrett Ltd         London and Southern
Total Reclaims Demolition Ltd         Midlands and Welsh
Walters Environmental Ltd         Midlands and Welsh
Weaver Demolition Ltd         London and Southern
Wessex Demolition & Salvage Limited         London and Southern
William Goodfellow (Contractors) Ltd         Scotland and N.Ireland
Wm. Munro Construction (Highland) Ltd         Scotland and N.Ireland
Wooldridge Ecotec Limited         London and Southern
Wrexham Demolition & Dismantling Ltd         Midlands and Welsh
Wring Group Ltd         London and Southern
Wye Valley Demolition Ltd         Midlands and Welsh

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