Federation Marketing

As a Federation member, marketing your business through us has never been easier. We can help you with all marketing related queries including, advertising, events, sponsorship, submissions for Demolition & Dismantling magazine, plus the annual yearbook and all NFDC/NDTG Publications.

Our staff at Hemel Hempstead can help you by:

  • Providing communication between the Federation and our members
  • Producing Demolition & Dismantling for the NFDC and RISE (NDTG) - Raising Industry Standards Everyday
  • Creating the Annual Yearbook
  • Event Organisation - including design and promotional material
  • Design and production of NFDC/NDTG publications, including guidance notes
  • Managing advertising and sponsorship for events, meetings and magazines
  • Updating the NFDC and NDTG websites
  • Keeping interaction alive via FacebookTwitter and Linkedin

Demolition & Dismantling Magazine

The magazine has circulation figures of 10,000, focused on industry professionals and key contacts. The magazine is also available interactively online and when you feature in Demolition and Dismantling we can provide extra channels of advertising for your company. You can submit articles for D&D Magazine easily and FREE of charge. The online magazine can:

  • Link to your website – which includes specific site pages
  • Link to your Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and any other social media
  • Allow users to email you directly to an email address of your choice

The online magazine is also available to anyone with an Internet connection.


The NFDC Yearbook is a complete round up of the industry’s highlights from the Federation and it’s members. The Yearbook leads the way with demolition information and features including:

  • Health & Safety
  • Waste & Recycling
  • Training & Innovation
  • Projects & Equipment

The Yearbook also provides an up to date list of Corporate and ISP members in their respective regions along with all NFDC officers.

Website Advertising

All Federation members have the opportunity to advertise on the NFDC homepage rolling banner: www.demolition-nfdc.com which receives on average 8,000 unique visitors a month. In addition, members can post for FREE any press releases or federation members news in 'Members in Action'. 


We provide various sponsorship opportunities for our members including the sponsorship of events, meetings, publications and other occasions. If you are interested in sponsorship, you can call or email us anytime to sign yourself up. In most instances it is just a case of sending us your logo and we can do the rest!

Social Media

We now have a solid and expanding social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Here we can share or re-tweet your news or links to your website. If you have something that you would like to us to share – just let us know!

For more details on the above you can view our media pack by clicking here.

You can contact us anytime on: 01442 217144 or info@demolition-nfdc.com

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