Rammer Hammer’s Latest and Biggest Hammer Goes to Work in Quarry

Murray Plant have recently delivered a 9033 hydraulic Rammer Hammer to D Wardle (Plant) Ltd. The 7 tonne Breaker will initially go to work at a hard rock quarry, breaking up the very tough high iron Dolomite reserves found within parts of the quarry.

The 9033 model is new to the Rammer range, replacing the very popular 7013 model, and offers an impressive 20-25% more hitting power than its predecessor.  It brings together all the key features for which Rammer hammers are renowned, creating one large, powerful, durable and reliable tool. Manufactured with a heavy duty housing and a wear resistant lower boot for maximum wear resistance, the Rammer 9033 is designed to be easily maintained and reliable, regardless of the application.

Also incorporated within the new hammer is Rammer’s unique Ramdata II technology.  This gives information about service interval status, service history and accumulated working history, particularly key data when, like this machine, it will be hired out to third parties.

Previously at the site, D Wardle (Plant) Ltd had been using a giant ripper tooth to break up the deposits from the quarry, which is further crushed, screened, dried and milled. Within the areas of the site where the Dolomite was particularly hard however, the ripper tooth simply wasn’t breaking up the stone quickly enough to meet production, so following trials of Rammer hammers, D Wardle decided to purchase the 9033. Not only did they know it could break up this tough rock but having used Rammer equipment in the past, they were also aware of the quality of the kit.

Commenting on the purchase of the hammer, Tom McDonald Plant Manager from D Wardle said, “We did of course undertake our research and looked at a number of different brands before making the purchase.  The fact that we have used Rammer previously however and know the quality of the equipment, it did, in the end, become the obvious choice”

Fergal O’Neill, Sales Manager at Murray Plant also added, “The team at D Wardle Plant, are very experienced with this type of equipment and know exactly what is required for this challenging job.  It is therefore testament to the quality of Rammer machinery that they ultimately chose the new 9033 model”

The hammer will be attached to a new Volvo EC700 excavator and will break up and process several thousand tonnes of rock over the coming months, before moving into our general hire fleet, where they’re already getting enquiries for this innovative super-size hammer for other large projects.

Contact D Wardle (Plant) Ltd at our Plant Office on 01925 261351 with any enquiries you may have.