16th June 2022

The NFDC website has been updated to make it more user-friendly, more accessible, secure our data, and prioritise promoting the federation and its members. This page will tell you all about how and why we’ve done it this way.


Member directories


The member directories have been given a serious facelift with new functionality. The two main goals of the directories are:

  1. Show up-to-date compliance status at a glance.
  2. Make it as easy as possible for prospective clients to contact members.

For these reasons all data in the directories feeds directly from the central NFDC CRM database and encourages users to contact members directly.

Tip – Find a member faster:
If you know exactly who you’re looking for just start typing their name in the search bar. The smart search will find them and show you their listing at a glance – without even leaving the page you’re on.

How the directories work

Corporate members

A corporate member’s status is taken directly from the NFDC CRM database and is determined by their compliance with the site audit scheme, health and safety accreditation, and NFDC rules of the federation.

Any date-based compliance (e.g. site audit expiry) is updated automatically.

Members will show as one of three possible statuses:


If a member has a valid, in-date site audit + health & safety certification, then they will show as ‘Active’.


The ‘Pending’ label is used for members who may not currently be fully compliant.

Pending members are shown with a yellow notice and an instruction for the reader to contact NFDC to confirm why the member status is showing as pending.

A member’s site audit expired less than two months ago. They have a new site that’s suitable for audit but haven’t submitted their audit notification form yet.

This member is technically not compliant until they have passed their new audit, so cannot be shown as ‘Active’. However they are working towards compliance, before they reach full suspension.

If a member has not held a valid site audit or health & safety accreditation for over two months they will automatically be listed as suspended.

A member can also be suspended by the NFDC National Council if they are found to be in breach of the rules of the Federation.

The red ‘Suspended’ tag shows users that this member is not currently compliant with NFDC standards. To become compliant once more a member must pass a new site audit and/or provide valid health & safety accreditation.

NFDC National Council may require a suspended member to fulfil additional criteria before they are unsuspended – E.g. Requiring the member to complete additional audits.

ISP Members

Service type groups
ISP members are grouped by ‘service type’ to help site users find the member best-suited to their need. Groups have been created to help segment members by services, while not being too onerous/overly specific .

Covering all asbestos-related services.

Financial Services
Also covering all insurance.

Inclusive of alternative green fuels.

Legal Services

Members that cannot reasonably be categorised into any other group.

Including all plant sales, hire, and attachments.

Professional Services
Including I.T. services and resourcing/recruitment agencies.

Safety/Environmental Equipment
Including site cabins and specialist surveying tools.

Scrap & Recycling


In addition to the categories, you can provide NFDC with a 200 character (including spaces) description to further help showcase your business e.g. highlighting unique services and/or product offerings.

If a member does not provide NFDC with a 200 character description then the member’s listing will display placeholder text of “No description provided by the member” in its place.

You can update both your ISP category and member description by contacting us directly following the instructions below.

Update your directory listing

To update or amend your directory listing simply contact NFDC head office by email or by telephone on 01442 217144 selecting option one. In addition, we can advise you on how to best showcase your business in the directory.

Please note:
There may be a 24 hour delay between a member’s request to amend their record being actioned and the updated listing pulling through to the member directory.



We’re using ‘Resource’ as a collective term for all news, events, publications, guidance, and documents. Simply put, if we’ve published it – it’s a resource.

All resources on this site are split by both type and category, making it easier for you to find the information you want about the things you’re most interested in.

NFDC Resource types and categories

These can be used together to refine your search – e.g. If you just want to see news stories about Skills & Training topics you can combine those two filters.

Resource types

News – Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin: news articles. These can be announcements, alerts, member stories and more.

Events – Events includes any event that NFDC is hosting, attending, sponsoring or contributing to in some way.

Publications – Aside from the obvious publications, like the Yearbook and Demolition & Dismantling magazine, this category includes things like mental health help sheets, posters and more.

Guidance – Here you’ll find all of NFDC Guidance Notes as well as advisory notices such as Demolition Do’s & Don’ts. If you’re looking for Demolition best practice it’s likely under Guidance.

Documents – Site Audit request forms, The rules of the Federation, a direct form of contract order form, these are all the sort of things you’ll find under the documents resource type.

Resource categories

Every resource is assigned one or more categories to help you customise your search to the topics you’re most interested in. You can filter by an individual category or you can search them all at once.

The categories represent the Federation’s five strategic priorities plus some additional filters for ease of use.

Federation – For resources that have been directly organised by or are about the day-to-day operations of the federation.

Industry – Things that impact the whole demolition industry, whether it’s an update from CITB, a new collaboration with the CIWM, or more.

Safety – Here you’ll find everything to do with safety on site, such as best practice recommendations for specific methodologies.

Skills & Training – Resources about ensuring the demolition industry has a fully skilled, trained, and certified workforce.

Wellbeing – This is where you can see advice and stories about looking after the wellbeing of everyone in the industry, including mental health.

Sustainability – A category for the industry’s continued commitment to sustainability, such as net zero and the circular economy.

Community – Covering the many charitable initiatives of NFDC and our members, as well as members giving back to their local communities.

Member Exclusive – A category to make it easy to find the things you get exclusive access to as an NFDC member. See how you access them below.

Exclusive resources

Member exclusive

As an NFDC member you have access to exclusive resources, in order to access these you must be logged in as your member company. These resources will have a clear “Member Exclusive” indicator next to them.

If you try and access an exclusive resource while not logged in a pop up will appear. Simply enter your company name and NFDC website password and you will have access.

Tip – Am I logged in?
If you can see a button for “Member Area” in the top right of the menu bar you’re currently logged in. But if you can see a button for “Log In” and one for “Join Now” you aren’t.

Click ‘Log In’ and enter your Company name + Website password to log in without losing the page you’re on.

Originally published Jun 16, 2022 2:41:39 PM, updated June 12 2023.