NFDC President Holly Price attends CN Summit 2019

For it’s 7th year, the Construction News Summit returned on 3rd and 4th December 2019 at The Brewery, London.

Full to the brim with the Construction Industry’s major industry figures, more than 400 guests from both public and private sectors, main contractors and suppliers came together to discuss the state of the industry. The theme for the event was to uncover the ways in which we can grow and adapt in an ever changing and challenging climate, remaining competitive in the future.

Key Topics:

  • Uncertainty in the infrastructure sector
  • How can we procure differently
  • The future of the contracting model
  • Shaping urban landscapes
  • The changing role of clients

NFDC’s President Holly Price attended the summit and was able to give us a few insights into the 2 days of discussions and debates.

With the ever looming ‘Brexit’ deadline approaching, the topic of Skills Shortages has rarely left our conversations. During the debate on Day 1, ideas were floated on encouraging the younger generation as well as a greater diversity of workers into the sector. CITB’s Steve Radley spoke of an increase of 30% more women starting Construction apprenticeships, which perhaps indicates a change for the better! The NFDC are certainly committed to the cause and will be looking to have an even bigger presence at shows such as World Skills, where we saw over 70,000 young people attend the event at NEC Birmingham.

The climate of our generation seems to be heating up on topics such as the environmental impact we have on our planet and how we can all do our part in limiting the effects. With young activists traversing the world for talks with the highest powers and the masses filling the streets of London in protest, it is something our sector must also start to face. Many voiced their thoughts on increasing VALUE, both in future products, architecture and build, as well as in those structures we look to take down.

The NFDC for years have encouraged circular economy, and now more than ever we are pleased to see the recycling rates produced by our members higher than ever. However, could there be a bigger emphasis on updating constructions before bringing them down, whilst also avoiding buildings with a shorter shelf life?

Holly Price reported back on a number of other topics, including the rise in popularity of robots and the uncertainty still felt by many businesses due to the political unrest. We will just have to wait and see what 2020 brings our way, whether it be peace at last on the Brexit front or perhaps a world take over from the robots!