NFDC Welcomes Campbell Associates as ISP Members

The National Federation of Demolition Contractors is pleased to officially announce Campbell Associates as new Industry Service Provider Members joining the NFDC community.

At today’s NFDC Midlands & Welsh Regional Meeting, held at Copt Heath Golf Club, Solihull and chaired for the first time by DSM Demolition’s Robin Powell, representatives from Campbell Associated were presented with their Membership Certificate and welcomed with a round of applause.

Representing Campbell Associates were Anthony Brown, Technical Sales Engineer and Michelle Redmond, Account Manager. Campbell Associates are specialists in Environmental Monitoring, a service of paramount importance for demolition contractors to assess performance and ensure effective control of noise, vibration and dust on demolition projects.

Campbell Associates solutions make environmental monitoring easy and stress free for demolition contractors with their internet enabled devices that record data in real time and can be accessed anytime from the cloud. In addition, the system provides automated SMS and email alerts, ensuring Site Managers can take any necessary action in a timely manner.

To find out more about NFDC’s new ISP Member, visit their website: or call 01371 871 030.