TfL tells NFDC CEO “On Yer Bike” for Hazard Hunting Exercise!

Despite the light-hearted title, NFDC takes safety and accessibility very seriously.

NFDC CEO, Howard Button, recently met with TfL’s Development Impact Assessment Manager, Michael Barratt, at the former Olympic Park to conduct an insightful morning tour of hazards in the area, from the saddle.

TfL has been working with main contractors to encourage thinking and action regarding the impact of their works, not just from a pedestrian’s viewpoint, but from many other angles.

TfL’s Michael Barratt is keen to also engage with demolition and construction firms to highlight hazards from different perspectives and provide examples of actions that can be taken during a project to improve and ensure accessibility and safety for all.

During the tour, Barratt pointed out a poor barrier set up for temporary works that would render it impossible for a wheelchair user to press the pedestrian crossing button at a set of traffic lights, making it unsafe to get across the road.

He highlighted examples of poor road safety signage that could impact cyclists and provoked new and creative thinking about simple measures contractors can take to prevent street hazards and ensure safety for those with impaired sight, hearing, mobility and other disabilities.

A further insight was shared regarding hoarding erected in the area that was recently adjusted to become more open, due to concerns that it had unknowingly created a dark and secluded spot for potential crime to take place undetected.

NFDC are pleased to announce that Michael Barratt will be joining the London & Southern Counties Regional Meeting in September 2019 to discuss and explore these issues with NFDC accredited Demolition Contractors.

Howard Button commented “I was initially a little apprehensive to attend this somewhat unorthodox meeting, especially having not been on a bike for 15 years! – but I have to say we can learn a huge amount from TfL in this critical area of street safety and accessibility. I hope that NFDC Members will embrace the opportunity to hear Michael’s insights and ask questions regarding hazard prevention at the meeting in just a few months’ time.”

Extending opportunities to learn and improve in this important area, NFDC can also confirm that Keltbray’s Transport Manager, Terry Good, will be delivering the popular ‘Exchanging Places’ event at Demo Expo 2019, Herts County Showground, on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th July. Visitors can come and experience hazards from the perspective of a haulage/truck driver and a cyclist. Exchanging Places is an eye-opening exercise that pinpoints where cyclists can be seen and where they can’t. Come along and have a go – you’ll improve your thinking and behaviours around road safety awareness by taking part.

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