Strategic priorities for the future of demolition

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The NFDC’s five strategic priorities are our core areas of focus. They represent the matters that will drive the future of demolition and ensure the industry is continuously improving.

Our priorities are Safety, Skills & Training, Wellbeing, Sustainability, and Community. Everything we do is targeted at improving our efforts in one or more of these areas.


We set the demolition standard and have been doing so for over 80 years. Furthermore we make sure these standards are recognised beyond just our industry, demonstrating their importance far and wide.

NFDC members are subject to strict standards including the NFDC site audit scheme, health and safety requirements, and fully CCDO-certified personnel.


Demolition is a skilled and specialised trade, in addition to this the high standards we set require top-quality training to deliver a capable workforce. To help carry out this training and manage the CCDO card scheme NFDC established the National Demolition Training Group (NDTG).

Today our organisations have been in close collaboration for over 40 years. Above all NDTG and NFDC come together keep the industry and its operatives fully trained, safe, and confident.

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