8th March 2022


This International Women’s Day, we are all encouraged to help #breakthebias, creating a world which is free of stereotypes and discrimination, which is diverse and inclusive instead. 

NFDC have taken this opportunity to shine a spotlight on just a few of the many women in demolition, highlighting their achievements and views on the industry which they have built their career in. As a sector with a predominantly male workforce, we hope to #breakthebias and encourage more females onto a demolition career path by showing the positive experiences of women at all levels in the industry. 

Join us this International Women’s Day in celebrating five of the industry’s key female figures, with a few interesting highlights below – and make sure to check out the full edit in Issue 1 of Demolition & Dismantling, due out this May

NFDC Interviews Women at all Levels of Demolition

Holly Price – Director of Skill & Community at Keltbray

“We’ve got to break down the barriers that exist, which do still exist even in 2022. It is about people being able to think outside of themselves.”

Starting out with a summer job in the office of a Demolition Firm, Holly went on to train as an explosive demolitions expert before becoming the Director of Skills and Community at Keltbray Group. Holly has achieved great things in the course of her career, earning the title of First Female President of the NFDC and member of the board for CITB – showing how grit and determination can lead to success, no matter your gender. 

We asked Holly what she loves about the demolition industry: 

“It provides lots of opportunities to do lots of different things. Most people’s stories don’t go in a straight line, and they don’t need to because there are so many things people can do.”

Sarah Stockley – Demolition Apprentice at Erith

Relatively new to a career in demolition, apprentice Sarah Stockley signed up to start her training with Erith Group, despite the industry being viewed as predominantly male-dominated. 

Sarah has been enjoying learning new skills each day, and when asked what she would say to encourage more females into the industry, she replied:

“Choosing demolition as a career is a decision that I am always going to be grateful for. I have learnt countless new skills and am doing things on a daily basis that I never thought I’d be capable of. I would encourage other women not to be put off from pursuing ‘traditionally male’ industries as I’ve had such a good experience and have been treated with respect from day one.”

Sharon Haskell – Executive Director of TR Demolition Ltd

Bristol based TR Demolition’s Sharon Haskell has over 30 years experience under her belt, having started as an office junior and becoming the companies’ back bone as Health & Safety Officer, Training Manager and Finance Controller in her role as Executive Director.

Sharon discussed her favourite aspects of the industry, and aside from the variation, she attributes her love for demolition to the people you meet and work with along the way:

“Everyone can learn something new off of anybody, no matter their age. It is great with young people entering into the industry, they have very different views and can look at a job in a completely different way to my father who has demolished with a wrecking ball in the past!”

Shona Farrell – Training Manager at NDTG Scotland

Having grown up in and around the demolition industry, Shona has a wealth of experience and now dedicates her time to running Scotland’s first independently run industry training Group.

NFDC asked Shona why she felt someone should consider a career in the demolition industry:

“There’s opportunity for the ambitious in demolition, much more so than in other areas of Construction in my opinion. Just look at the CCDO Card Scheme – where else can you get such a clear pathway, with such significant support and training to get you up the ladder to the top?”

Tina Ward – Director of Lavender Training Services Ltd

Tina Ward has had many jobs throughout her career in the wider construction industry, from Operations Manager to Health & Safety Manager, Site Auditor to Asbestos Awareness Trainer and can’t imagine ever working in another sector after ‘falling in love with the demolition industry’.

“It is one of the best, and one of the only industries where everyone works together as a team, working like brothers and sisters.”

We wanted to know why Tina would encourage anyone, male or female, to consider a demolition career: 

“Ours is a sturdy industry, which promotes from within, with great opportunities. If you want a long career, or to be part of a team, then look to the demolition industry.”

Originally published Mar 08, 2022 9:35:00 PM, updated April 24 2024.