9th December 2021

We would like to thank those members who were able to join us last week for the Working Lunch session on Green D+ HVO, when we were joined by Amber Geggus, Head of Green D+ HVO at New Era Fuels, alongside other major manufacturers. The online forum allowed for a unique opportunity to ask all your questions about the greener fuel alternative, with experts from fuel manufacturers Green Bio Fuels providing helpful insights on fuel efficiency and sustainability.

NFDC were pleased to welcome Hitachi, Finning and Komatsu to the session, who all confirmed the compliance of their equipment and responded to members’ queries regarding fuel consumption and performance when using Green D+HVO.

Additional resources are now available to members following the session, including ISCC certification for Green Bio Fuels, list of approved OEMs, as well as written confirmation from Hitachi and a number of case studies demonstrating the effective replacement with Green D+ HVO. 

For those concerned about their plant and machinery’s compatibility to greener fuel alternatives, Amber Geggus of New Era Fuels comments: ‘Green D + HVO/HVO/GTL meets the minimum diesel requirements as laid out in standards EN15940 (European standard), ASDM 975 (American) and JIS K2204 diesel specification (Japanese).

You can check the engine manual of any plant or machinery for their required spec and conformity, and although they will not state they can use gas oil, they will state they conform to EN 590. 

We are proud to have supplied in excess of 300m litres to the construction industry over the past 3 years without a single claim or failure as a result of our customers making the switch from Diesel to Green D+ HVO.’

If you were unable to attend, but would like to know more about the greener fuel alternative, whether it is suitable for your plant, the efficiency compared to red diesel and more, you can now watch the recorded session online

For more information regarding Green D+ HVO, you can contact Amber Geggus on 01279 425 757 (extension 165), or by emailing amber.geggus@newerafuels.co.uk.





Originally published Dec 09, 2021 4:08:00 PM, updated April 24 2024.