20th April 2022

With the whole month of April dedicated to raising awareness of the causes of the ‘modern stress epidemic’ as well as potential cures, NFDC are back with a second article this #StressAwarenessMonth from Mental Health & Wellbeing expert Dave Price. 

The first article looked at each person’s capacity for stress, and in our second we focus on our ‘Spheres of Influence’ and how worrying about things outside of our control can increase our feelings of stress. With the current global crisis, increasing costs of living and politics to name just a few, we may all be experiencing this lack of control, now more than ever. 

To understand more about your own spheres of influence and ways to help manage those feelings of stress, you can read the article here, or via NFDC’s Mental Health & Wellbeing Hub, along with our extensive range of free to use resources and helpful links to relevant websites and information. 

Originally published Apr 20, 2022 1:43:25 PM, updated June 1 2023.