David Sinclair

David Sinclair

David P. Sinclair is a 3rd generation member of a family who have been involved in the demolition industry since 1920’s. He has been actively involved in the NFDC for 40 years and was involved with the formation of the National Demolition Training Group in the mid 1970’s and the Institute of Demolition Engineers. In his semi-retirement he maintains his interest in the demolition and dismantling industry as a Consultant.


Past President National Federation of Demolition Contractors.

Past President European Demolition Association.

Former Member of Board of Directors National Demolition Association USA.

Former Demolition Engineer United Nations Office of Project Services, Haiti.

Fellow and Founding Member of The Institute of Demolition Engineers.

Fellow of The Faculty of Building.

Member of Society of Explosive Engineers and Member of European Federation of Explosive Engineers.

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