30th March 2022


For those who were unable to attend the 81st Annual General Meeting of the NFDC, our President, William Crooks, opened the meeting with a message of peace and support to Ukraine and confirmation that the Federation is making a donation to support refugees and victims of war. 

Our European counterparts at the EDA echo the message and we stand together in condemning the military action and supporting the protection of life and liberty. 

You can read the full messages of NFDC and EDA below.

This message is sent by the President of the NFDC

After the turmoil of Covid it appeared that normality of daily life would finally return, only to be forced to address the prospect of war in Europe for the first time since the 1940s.

 I want to make it clear, as President of our National organisation that the National Federation of Demolition Contractors totally condemns the unprovoked aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and its people.

We join the European Demolition Association in denouncing the unacceptable pain, suffering and loss of life that the invasion of Ukraine by Russia has caused and can confirm the NFDC will be make a donation to support the Refugees and victims of this meaningless war.

We stand together to rebuke the military action and proactively support the protection of life and liberty.

This message is sent on behalf of the EDA Board of Directors

The European Demolition Association, EDA, condemns the aggression against Ukraine by the Russian Federation and the unacceptable pain, suffering, and loss of lives.

Within the construction industry, demolition represents quite often the end-of-life. When we come, it is to break, separate and remove what is left of a building, a structure, or a factory. By doing so, we enable the space and the materials to become something else. But we see no point in the destruction, invasion and war generated in Ukraine to the citizens.

EDA is a professional community, and we do not have the proper knowledge about what led to the war, but we believe there is no possible justification for violence and death.

We condemn the current situation, with people being killed or forced to seek refuge outside their countries, and we call on Russian leaders to stop the war. We do not know what the solution to the conflict is, and different countries are providing different measures of support (from sending weapons to blocking Russia economically).

As a professional community, EDA brings associations, companies, and people together. Related to our activities of demolition, decontamination and recycling, but people, nevertheless. Since we also have colleagues in Russia, part of the EDA community, we see no point in the demolition of the bridges to share and exchange, we have built over the years. Instead, we want to send a message for peace. A sign to express the deep sorrow for the war but also the hope to urgently improve the current situation.

As agreed by the EDA Board of Directors, our association will make a donation to support the refugees and victims of the war in Ukraine. The EDA donation comes from the funds of the association and will be made to a shelter in Poland, providing support to families with children coming from Ukraine.

If possible, we encourage the National Associations and individual companies involved in our demolition community to help, donate and support the people from Ukraine. In a special way, we recommend our National Associations to reach out to the authorities in their country and offer work in our companies and our industry for refugees.

We stand together to condemn the military action and proactively support the protection of life and liberty.

Thanks for your support, and let’s build peace together, Jose Blanco

Originally published Mar 30, 2022 9:29:00 PM, updated April 24 2024.