19th December 2023


Dear fellow officers,

The time has come for my retirement from the NFDC and NDTG after nearly 20 years of service, and at this time, I wish to thank my colleagues in the industry, together with the fellow officers, for their input and guidance as we navigated various changes in the industry.

Throughout my five-decade journey in the demolition industry, I have been committed to driving significant advancements and fostering a culture of excellence. I have dedicated myself to this field. Rising through the ranks within the NFDC, serving as President, and eventually taking the helm as CEO, I have worked relentlessly to propel our industry forward. Introducing the CCDO Smart cards and establishing the NFDC accredited site audit scheme were pivotal moments, setting higher standards for competence and safety.

I can retire knowing that the demolition industry stands on a stronger foundation, equipped with enhanced standards, a focus on safety, and a skilled workforce ready to continue the journey toward even greater excellence. I trust the industry leaders will continue to value safety for their people and sites.

As I close this chapter at the end of 2023, I would also like to take this opportunity to wish the regions strength and resilience for the coming years, and I know that the Federation and training group will thrive under the leadership of Duncan Rudall as the Chief Executive Officer, offering more to the members long into the future.

Best wishes,

Howard Button

Originally published Dec 19, 2023 1:18:39 PM, updated April 24 2024.