4th May 2022

CEO Howard Button was joined by representatives from Howard Stott, Rye Demolition, Armac, Cawarden, L A Moore, McGee and Central Demolition among others, who provided their own individual experiences since having to convert over to the use of white diesel, HVO or other alternative fuels.

With many pursuing the use of the greener fuel HVO within plant and machinery, it was found that the cost and availability varied considerably across the regions. Those who had not previously signed a fixed rate contract were finding the cost of the fuel over white diesel to be between 14 – 22p more dear per litre, whilst other contractors situated in Scotland, or in the outskirts of Birmingham and other larger cities were unable to get fuel delivered to their sites and premises. On a positive note, fuel efficiency was noted to be increased in road vehicles, with an additional 2-5 MPG.

The theft of fuel on sites was also a hot topic, with accounts of site break ins, bowsers being drained, and plant fuel tanks being targeted from many of the session’s attendees. A spike in theft had been found in the weeks prior to the rebate removal and subsequently, with further reports of different gangs operating in Scotland, north Wales and Devon who have so far stolen up to £250k each in fuel.

NFDC Members discussed methods of preventing the theft, with many increasing night time security and ensuring tactical parking of machinery to block access to fuel tanks. Other suggestions provided by ISP Member Specialist Risk Solution’s representative Amy Green included:

  • Enhanced locking systems – grants may be available from insurance suppliers for installation of deterrents. Members are advised to speak with their brokers to enquire.
  • Fuel-tank Signage as a deterrent e.g. ‘Fuel Theft carries a prison term of 7 years’ ‘For use in off-road vehicles only’ ‘Please check this fuel is appropriate for your vehicle’
  • A form of alert system within the membership, whereby contractors could notify of site break ins in their area to provide other local contractors with a pre-warning.

The recording of the online session is available to watch by clicking here.

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Originally published May 04, 2022 1:02:36 PM, updated July 22 2022.