Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions to Host Webinar


The NFDC’s appointed insurance broker, Specialist Risk Insurance Solutions, is hosting a 60-minute webinar titled ‘Trading in a Post-COVID World’ which is taking place at 15:30 on Wednesday 7th July. We believe this webinar will be beneficial for NFDC members (particularly business owners and C-suite individuals) to attend. Please see below for more information and how to register.

What will be covered?

During this webinar, a specialist panel will examine the current economic landscape that UK businesses face as we exit almost 18 months of lockdown restrictions and what is expected to be a permanently changed trading landscape.

UK insolvencies are down 40% compared to the previous year and commentary around this points to businesses and sectors being artificially sustained by the government support mechanisms. As government support packages such as furlough, CBILS and grants are withdrawn, it is anticipated that we will see a spike in insolvencies, specifically in certain sectors where there have been permanent changes in consumer demand meaning some business models are becoming obsolete. So what does this mean for the UK economy and UK businesses in the coming months?

All businesses are now looking to trade their way out of the current economic challenges and with this desire comes innovation. Therefore, the panellists will use this opportunity to discuss how businesses can and have evolved to cater for the new demand and how to seize new opportunities.


Date: Wednesday 7th July 2021

Time: 15.30

Duration: 60 minutes

The webinar is free to join, and you will only need your name and email address to register. To secure your place, register via the button below or copy and paste the following URL into your web browser: