Find a Corporate Member

What are the benefits of using an NFDC member for your demolition project?

  • You have the assurance of using a supplier who has been stringently checked and regularly audited to CHAS
  • They are accountable - and you have recourse in any disputes
  • You are protected by an extra layer of regulation far beyond anything expected from the government
  • They have demonstrated competancy and a high level of safety
  • They have good working practices and methodology
  • They are kept up to date on the latest HSE legislation, contributed to by NFDC
  • They are updated, well trained, and have access to award winning support
  • They have specific demolition insurance, which is regularly reviewed
  • Our NFDC accredited member meet these standards in the UK

If your contractor isn't an NFDC member, speak to us about finding one that is, and discuss the peace of mind that it brings with it.

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