Mental Health Awareness Week: 10th-16th May 2021

Just a reminder that it’s Mental Health Awareness Week this week. It seems like almost every week there’s a new national or global awareness day or week to recognise. Whilst we’ll leave National Biscuit Day and National Lost Sock Day well alone, Mental Health Awareness Week is a serious and important one for the demolition industry calendar. 

This Mental Health Awareness Week, 10th – 16th May, serves as an opportunity to reinforce how the Federation and its members are helping to promote positive mental health and wellbeing in the demolition industry, but far more importantly, to let your workforce know that you support them and that help is available for anyone who needs it. 

New resources have been added to the NFDC Mental Health & Wellbeing Hub – you’ll find a new poster to download and an advanced preview of the article coming up in Demolition & Dismantling magazine about Personal Values.