Press Release – NFDC announces launch of Mental Health & Wellbeing Hub

NFDC, the long established and only trade body for the UK demolition industry, has championed the demolition workforce for eight decades – campaigning for fair pay, better working conditions, training standards and safe working practices. In recent years, addressing the lack of awareness for Mental Health and Wellbeing and promoting positive mental health in the demolition industry has risen to the top of the Federation’s strategic agenda.

Knowledge of the vast spectrum of issues that constitute mental health has escalated on a global scale, never more so than now with the world on high alert to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns on the mental health of all ages, from all walks of life. The wealth of information and support now available via multiple charities and specialist organisations is tremendous yet can be overwhelming in terms of where to look and how to either give or get help.

With the intention of centralising information and resources for demolition employers and individuals suffering with mental ill-health, NFDC is proud to announce the launch of a new Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub, situated within the NFDC website at

The Hub acts as a central portal for NFDC’s own Mental Health and Wellbeing resources along with signposting to third-party information. Organised into Resources for Employers and Resources for Individuals, it is easy to find comprehensive information covering a range of mental health topics, without having to search across multiple websites.

Information and support tools are also grouped by issue, such as stress, financial wellbeing and supporting others and by assets to download, watch or read, such as posters, videos or articles.

Since signing the Building Mental Health Charter, NFDC has made significant investments in developing CPD certified training workshops for Managers and Ambassadors, producing resources such as posters, toolbox talks, pocket cards and articles, supporting the Lighthouse Club Construction Industry Charity and now launching the Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub – with further plans for on-demand e-learning modules underway. Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing in the industry is a long-term strategic commitment for NFDC.

Howard Button, CEO for NFDC said “Mental Health & Wellbeing came to the forefront of the construction industry’s agenda in the form of shocking statistics regarding the number of construction workers taking their own life. On a personal level, I have been deeply affected by the suicides of four former colleagues. Nobody suffering with mental ill-health should feel alone or that they have no place to turn. It’s OK not to be OK and support is available. NFDC’s Mental Health and Wellbeing initiative aims to help end the stigma around mental health, raise awareness and provide vital support and signposting to demolition employers and individual workers.”

The launch comes just in time for National Stress Awareness Month in April, for which NFDC is issuing all Members with newly designed posters to display on site, in canteens and welfare areas to help show their workforce that help is available and non-judgmental support will be given to those who may be struggling.

NFDC’s Mental Health Hub is set to evolve over time, with new resources and signposting being added regularly. Users can access and navigate the hub via the landing page on NFDC’s website at: