EDA Study Tour – Japan – Registration Closes on 29th March

The EDA Study Tour 2019 will start and end in Tokyo, from May 19 (Sunday) to 24 (Friday), and will include the travel to several cities and locations, to visit factories, job sites, equipment demos and other relevant experiences for demolition professionals.

A truly unique experience, this professional trip targeted predominantly at professionals that are EDA members or partners, will be an intensive journey through the industry.

Participants will discover the ‘state of the art’ Japanese demolition industry, the disaster response strategies and the circular economy methodologies implemented for demolition and recycling in Japan. Japan is a strategic country for the demolition industry, due to its knowledge about demolition and also being the headquarters for several leading-edge construction and demolition equipment manufacturers.

The EDA Study Tour 2019 will allow professionals to see the activities of demolition, decommissioning and C&D recycling from a different perspective.

If you are planning to take the opportunity to participate in the EDA Study Tour, do not delay! Registration will close on 29th March.

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Watch the video presentation to learn more about what you can expect from the EDA Study Tour experience: