SRC Aggregates are investing in the future and embracing the concept of a circular economy whilst using industry’s most advanced equipment.

SRC Aggregates, established in 1994 and now owned by Ollie Reece and his cousin Louis Yates are based in Essex but cover the whole of the South East and London.

SRC offer a full mix – Quarrying, Demoliiton, Remediation, Recycling and Aggregate Supply.  They are a true circular economy from sourcing materials, supplying them, using them, demolishing old and recycling everything they can.

Ollie says: “As a nation, resources are becoming ever more scarce so our way of doing things, ensuring we recycle and reuse and then feed it back to the industry, are good for the environment but also good for business. By controlling as many of the processes as possible we are master of our own destiny.”

The two excavators working on the company’s demolitions projects – a 25 tonne Volvo EC250 and a 30 tonne, Volvo EC300 – are each equipped with Lehnhoff’s quick couplers and on these they use a range of Rotar demolition attachments including two RG37 Grabs, one RG15 Grab, a RDP 32 Pulveriser and  a RSS20 Scrap Shear.  They also have a Dynaset HMAG 900 magnet and two Lehnhoff Buckets.

Craig Chaplin, Head of Contracts for SRC knew the benefits of Lehnhoff and insisted that the new demolition division have them fitted back in 2015 even before they started working.   He contacted Brian Carroll at Worsley Plant to arrange this.  After taking a trip to the Lehnhoff factory in Germany he was extremely impressed with the eye for detail and the build quality.  It may be a little more expensive than other quickcouplers on the market but it’s worth it!

Craig says:  “Lehnhoff allows us to multitask.  We can change attachments in just 15 seconds.   The Operator is happy – no need to leave the cab, no need to change hoses, great when the weather is bad and a whole lot safer for him.  One machine means we are using the right tool for the right job.  We can change from a shear to a pulveriser when one suits the job better.  Before an operator wouldn’t do this.  This is making our operation more productive and ensuring we have less downtime.”

“The Rotar kit is second to none.  We’ve been using it for two years and have not replaced any wear parts, not even teeth which is fantastic and you wouldn’t get with other similar kit on the market.   It’s long lasting, strong and durable.  No problems or downtime at all.  I’d recommend it to other demolition companies”

As well as the kit they already own, SRC have also hired Remu screening and MB crushing buckets from Worsley Plant on some of their hard to get to and smaller sites where is it not financially viable to take materials off site and better to recycle there.   Craig adds: “Ours is a fast moving business and we need equipment that will perform quickly and reliably.”

Craig is happy he is working with Worsley Plant.  “They provide excellent after sales service and their back up is second to none.   Kevin Moore – the Service Manager for the South, is always on hand to install new kit and provide back up within 24 hours.  They offer a great level of service and reliability.  I wouldn’t work with anyone else.”