Safedem Smash World Record for Tallest Building Brought Down by Explosives


NFDC received news directly from Safedem’s Managing Director, William Sinclair, regarding the successful demolition of Meena Plaza in Abu Dhabi. This incredible demolition project makes history, with the confirmation just in that Safedem has officially made The Guinness Book of World Records for the tallest building to be demolished by explosives. The previous record had stood for over 20 years.

The demolition was witnessed by officials from The Guinness Book of World Records, the Meena Plaza complex consisted of 4 towers constructed above a podium structure, with the tallest 50 storey tower measuring over 540 feet.

Safedem Managing Director and Lead Explosives Engineer, William Sinclair stated: “I am immensely proud of the Safedem team who have managed to safely and successfully achieve a new world record so far from home in the midst of a global Pandemic.”

The image below depicts two NFDC Honorary Life Vice Presidents, William and David Sinclair, with their Guinness World Record Certificate for the Tallest Building Demolished Using Explosives. The picture was taken amongst the rubble piles just hours after the safe and successful demolition of Meena Plaza in Abu Dhabi.

Safedem also shared footage of the blast – it makes an incredible watch!
The video is hosted on NFDC’s YouTube channel.