NFDC CEO, Howard Button, attended a Steel Construction Institute (SCI) event last week, where discussions were focused on best practice to preserve as much steelwork as possible for re-use.

The SCI are appealing for involvement from NFDC demolition contractors in 3 key areas. Can YOU help?

1.) Protocol Feedback and Comments: SCI are open to comments, feedback and questions on their steel reuse protocol.

You can download an electronic copy here:  and submit your feedback to Michael Sansom:

2.) A volunteer Demolition Contractor to work alongside the SCI to understand how best to deconstruct a steel frame with the aim of preserving as much of the steelwork for reuse. This would include unbolting where possible, advanced cutting techniques, as appropriate, H&S issues, grouping, marking and testing sections, etc.

3.) A site to demonstrate the steel re-use protocol – this would involve a reasonable sized (probably portal frame) building to take down efficiently, demonstrate the protocol and then reprocess, redesign and re-erect some of the reclaimed elements, at a site in Yorkshire.

If you can help with any of the 3 areas above, or are interested in finding out more about what’s involved, please contact Michael Sansom, Associate Director, SCI on: (0)1344 636 525 or email:

Many thanks for considering.