Demolition Industry Incidents

The National Federation of Demolition Contractors (NFDC) expresses deepest sympathies to the families of Shannon Brasier, a demolition worker seriously injured on a site in Southend last week, and the loved ones of a demolition worker who sadly lost his life during an incident on site in Tottenham on 4th August.

NFDC has not been informed of any incident details. Irrespective of who these victims’ employers are and whether the companies involved are Federation members or otherwise, these incidents have resulted in loss and grief to their families and to the demolition industry as a whole.

Investigations will take place and lessons will be learnt, resulting in further demolition industry guidance and review of protocols with the aim of preventing future occurrences. All contractors carrying out demolition works – regardless of their accreditation status – must take action to safeguard the demolition workforce and implement additional measures that are essential if the industry is to achieve zero harm. NFDC, the trade body that strives to elevate industry standards, will continuously campaign for those who work within the sector to put Safety first.