East Anglia Photographer, Carl Humphrey, credited for Orfordness Lighthouse Image

Demolition & Dismantling Magazine issues an apology to East Anglian professional photographer, Carl Humphrey, for an oversight in the issue published 30th October 2020, where an image included in a spread of photographs of the Orfordness Lighthouse demolition project should have been credited as Carl’s work.

The image featured at the bottom of Page 41 in the article ‘Anglian Makes Light Work of Local Landmark‘ was shot by the local independent photographer, who created a full portfolio of photographs documenting the entire demolition project. The image collection has since been made available for purchase as a photobook to commemorate this iconic landmark via his photography company, CWH Media.

Neither NFDC, or its member company Anglian Demolition, intended any misuse of the photograph and Carl has accepted our apologies for the unfortunate oversight. Imagery used in Demolition and Dismantling magazine  is typically shot by NFDC’s contracted photographer, Paul Argent, royalty-free or licensed, or belongs to an NFDC member who has granted permission for the publication to reproduce. NFDC and its publications place great value on the creative work of independent professional photographers and always seek to license appropriately.

You can find out more about the work of Carl Humphrey via his company’s Facebook page – CWH Media – http://www.facebook.com/cwhmedia. Carl is available for freelance photography work in the East Anglia area.

Any enquiries regarding NFDC Publications should be addressed to the Editor, Natalie Barlow, via: natalie@demolition-nfdc.com