EDA prepares its European Demolition Industry Report 2018


Press release | 204 words | April 6, 2018

EDA prepares its European Demolition Industry Report 2018, the fourth edition of this document after the editions of 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Through its Statistics Group, leaded by Mr. Andreas Pocha, General Manager of the German Demolition Association, the document will be published in June, in the frame of the European Demolition & Decontamination Annual Convention 2018.

In order to gather the information from contractors, EDA has designed an on-line survey that has been translated into several languages to avoid mistakes and misinterpretations.

The survey includes general questions about the companies, the evolution in 2017 and the forecast for 2018.

IMPORTANT: It is addressed to demolition contractors. Only one questionnaire per company.

The gathering of information will last until 30th April.

All responses to the questions are anonymous, no identification data of the company is asked, and an overall analysis of the data will be made.

Press the link to choose a language and participate in the survey:


Appreciation for your participation

In order to thank participants for the time spent answering the survey, EDA would provide those who answer it, with free online access * to the European Demolition Industry Report 2018. *just for consultation, downloading or printing will not be allowed