New variable speed generator from Atlas Copco makes fuel inefficiency and low load problems a thing of the past

1 April 2019: Lack of fuel efficiency and managing variable loads are now a thing of the past with the introduction of Atlas Copco’s latest addition to its QAS mobile generator range – the QAS 60/35 VSG Variable Speed Generator, which represents a game changer in terms of operational savings, performance and reliability.

Sergio Salvador, Product Manager at the Atlas Copco Power and Flow division commented: “The proprietary Variable Speed Generator (VSG) technology embodied in the QAS 60/35 completely eliminates the inherent risks associated with low-load generator operation such as cylinder glazing, bore polishing, heavy carbon build-up, high oil consumption, low combustion temperatures and fuel waste.”

The superior low-load performance of the QAS 60/35 VSG, which features automatic variable speed control from 950 to 2550 rpm and an integrated energy storage system, enables fuel consumption levels to be reduced by up to 40 per cent against traditional fixed speed generators. At the same time, it helps increase reliability in applications with an average load of less than 20 per cent, such as construction projects, outdoor events or telecoms service duties. The integrated energy storage system helps increase peak power capabilities by 70 per cent, matching the performance of a 60 kVA prime power generator. In addition, the QAS 60/35 VSG enables operators to reduce their carbon footprint, by offering CO2 emission reductions of up to 40 per cent.

Fully compliant with European emission standards, the plug-and-play, environmentally-friendly QAS 60/35 VSG is housed in a robust, sound-attenuated Zincor steel enclosure that is up to 55 per cent smaller than comparable units and considerably quieter than the requirements of OND 2000/14/EC sound regulations.

The QAS 60/35 contributes to operators’ uptime, productivity and revenues through service efficiency and extended engine lifetimes. A maintenance interval of 500 hours is made possible by the unit’s heavy-duty fuel filtration system and water separator. Similarly, engine lifetime is extended as a result of the dual stage air filter and safety cartridge features.

Moreover, the new QAS 60/35 VSG allows customers to downsize and optimise their fleets, as one unit can replace up to six power nodes of a typical fixed speed generator from 9 kVA to 60 kVA.

With a 1-to-1 ratio motor start capability, the QAS 60/35 VSG is the ideal source of high starting current for the electric motor drives of site equipment such as construction tools, cranes, pumps, or electric compressors. What’s more, the stable frequency and voltage it produces makes it the solution of choice when coping with sensitive loads such as electronics equipment applications.

“The features that really set the QAS 60/35 apart are the VSG technology for low load operation and its power of connectivity. This latest addition is unrivalled when it comes to flexibility, thanks to modular design and paralleling capability that enables to connect multiple generators in the simplest way for optimum efficiency,” said Sergio Salvador.