The NFDC Supports the Fair Payment Charter

The NFDC have signed up to support the ECA (Excellence in Electrotechnical & Engineering Services) alongside 19 other trade bodies in an open letter seeking retentions action. The letter, published in full in the Telegraph online on 18th December 2017 and reported on the NFDC’s news online, supports the implementation of fair payment in the industry.

Howard Button CEO of the NFDC comments ” There is an ongoing issue of cash flow in the demolition industry, with many contractors reporting a wait of 120 days or more for payment.” He continues “The NFDC are supporters of the Fair Payment Charter which seeks to provide our members, particularly smaller and medium sized businesses with prompt payment terms from Main Contractors.”

Mike Giles of the ECA reported on 28th December, the addition of two further trade bodies, bringing the total signatories to 25.