Coleman Group wins prestigious World Demolition Award for its work at Waterloo International Terminal

Patrick Frye (left), the technical director of the French demolition contractor Cardem and a World Demolition Awards judge. James Howard (right), General Manager of The Coleman Group.

The company won the “Civils Demolition” prize at the awards, which celebrate excellence and innovation within the industry.

The project was part of Network Rail’s flagship £600 million regeneration of the former Eurostar terminal, creating a new station serving 20 commuter trains.

The 15-month complex demolition operation included stripping out 2,000 tonnes of concrete and structural alterations within challenging restrictions on the site above the London Underground.

Coleman Engineering Services designed a temporary roof tension solution - with five cables - to hold the iconic pinned arch roof in place whilst structural concrete was replaced. The bespoke system was monitored 24/7 and featured a network of trigger alerts in case tension values decreased.

On many areas of the project, the team worked to strict noise restrictions as the site was close to Westminster with the London Eye, Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

Remote-operated plant, including Brokks and a 25-tonne excavator, were used to ensure safe working and the company’s own HazzApp, hazard spotting and reporting app, engaged onsite. Dust mitigation measures were also put in place throughout the project.

The work drew on all four areas of expertise within The Coleman Group - demolition, engineering, specialist cutting and remediation.

The WDA judges said: “This was a complex demolition package close to a major railway station, requiring the support of the Waterloo roof to allow the demolition of a concrete structure.”

Mark Coleman, Group Managing Director of The Coleman Group, said: “This is a fantastic achievement for the business and a well-deserved accolade for every member of our team that worked on the Waterloo project, including those that make it happen working equally hard behind the scenes.

“We combined innovative demolition techniques and temporary works designs with the highest levels of health and safety to successfully deliver an extremely complex project on time. I am incredibly proud to have been a part of it.”


13th November 2017

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