Don’t get taken in by the Fraudsters, check CCDO Cards on-site

A number of fraudulent CCDO cards have been discovered at a printing company in England. There is currently no evidence that the cards are being used on site, but NFDC warns demolition contractors to be extra stringent with their on-site checks.

Howard Button CEO of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors commented “The NFDC were recently asked to verify the authenticity of a number of cards, which were later discovered to be counterfeit. Managers need to be extra careful checking the details of operators at induction, and ongoing spot checks are highly recommended”.

Howard Button, CEO of the NFDC

Howard further commented “The problem of fake cards is easily overcome by the use of the CCDO Smart Card Scheme, which with a single scan can verify the validity of the operator’s qualifications. All cards issued from January 2017 can be immediately verified on site using the Go Smart card reading system by site managers. In addition, the NFDC and its training company the National Demolition Training Group has now launched the first ‘Virtual’ Card, whereby the operator’s details are stored on an app, which is checked in much the same way, but it negates the need for a physical card. This effectively puts the fraudsters out of business.”

For more information on CCDO Smart Cards and the Virtual Smart Card, contact the NDTG on 01442 217144 (option 2) | email: |

10th October 2017

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