NFDC donated £45006.72 towards The Lullaby Trust


Anna Mulcahy, on behalf of The Lullaby Trust thanked the NFDC for their continual contribution 
in the last 2 years. The money will support the trust to reach parents with their life-saving safer 
sleep messages and ensuring that bereaved families receive the support they need when their baby 
or toddler dies and when they go on to have another child. 

The donation will also funds research which contributes to understanding why some babies and 
toddlers die suddenly andunexpectedly. NFDC’s Second Vice President, Holly Price of Keltbray
presented the cheque of £45006.72 on 25 May 2017 at the NFDC Head Office in Hemel Hempstead.

For more information on The Lullaby Trust, please visit:

25th May 2017

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