Beat the Blues: Take Care of Your Team – 21st January is Blue Monday

With festive cheer becoming a distant memory, gloomy weather and dark nights seeming endless – and many needing to pull the belts in financially after the gifts and party season, the third Monday in January is hailed the ‘most miserable day of the year’.

Encourage your workforce to look on the bright side and give them a positive start to the year, by letting them know where to turn if they’re experiencing worries and showing that you care about their wellbeing.

For those who have begun addressing the key issue of mental health and wellbeing for their demolition workforce, this difficult month will already be on your radar and you’ll be there, providing a non-judgemental ear to listen, and you’ll be on hand to advise any of your team members who may be struggling.

If you don’t yet have mental health first aiders, or dedicated staff to keep an eye on employee wellbeing, there are still many things you can do to provide support – not just during gloomy January, but at any time.

NFDC shares a few tips to help you help your workforce.

A positive mindset at work:

  • Ensure work environment isn’t a contributor to any individual’s stress.
  • Diffuse any potential issues or conflicts, ensuring bad feeling doesn’t linger.
  • Take time out to recognise and/or reward great work or celebrate team successes at the end of a project – a sense of value and belonging has a positive impact on wellbeing.

Create an open and non-judgemental environment:

  • There have been significant efforts in the Construction industry to raise awareness of mental health and end the stigma.
  • Lead from the top in ensuring your business, attitude and culture on site is open and non-judgemental.
  • Create a safe environment for individuals to talk and share any issues that may be troubling them – let your team know that it’s OK to share their worries.

Sound knowledge of services and resources

And here are some additional practical tips for individuals to help beat the blues:

  • Get Some Exercise – release those endorphins and re-energise body and mind. Even if it’s cold, dark and wet – get out for an evening walk or a quick gym session to blow the cobwebs away.
  • Watch Your Diet – even if you’re one of the lucky few who didn’t indulge over the Christmas period, now is the time to consciously cut back on sugary foods that give short-term lifts… then slumps and a flat mood. Also remember to drink plenty of water.
  • Plan Some Fun Stuff – with work colleagues, family or friends. If not today, then have something in the diary to look forward to – a sports event, short break or just a catch up over coffee with someone you’ve not seen in a while.
  • R&R – How many of us genuinely get enough rest and relaxation time in our busy lives? Make sure you’re not working up a sleep debt, as getting enough ZZZ’s is key for your wellbeing.

NFDC supports Building Mental Health.