NFDC Members – Wood Waste Project Alert!

Please support NFDC with Hazardous Wood Waste Testing!

The NFDC’s new project regarding Hazardous Wood Waste continues. You might remember that this project involves important testing work across a range of sample wood materials, due to recent updated guidance from the EA.

Many timber components may in the near future be classified as ‘Hazardous’, posing a risk to human health upon disposal. These changes could cause a significant impact to your business in the future.

NFDC has carried out testing on all wood materials collected so far, but would appeal to you to send more samples so we can ensure a thorough and comprehensive testing process!

We need your wood samples from current projects on any non-industrial buildings. Centre cuts are preferred where possible please. Specific details of the wood samples we require can be found in the Hazardous Wood Waste Test Sheet .

Please send your wood samples, together with the completed form, FTAO: The Waste Wood Project, NFDC, Resurgam House, Paradise, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, HP2 4TF by 1st September.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.