Demolition Contractors must conduct testing on waste wood.

NFDC CEO, Howard Button, today reminds demolition contractors of their legal responsibility on waste, in particular the testing and classification of wood waste on demolition sites.

He reminded members that despite some effort, time and cost involved in the testing of waste wood, the costs of not classifying and disposing of hazardous wood correctly will be far more significant to demolition businesses.

Following a recent meeting with the Environment Agency, the NFDC is further imploring its membership of 140 accredited demolition contractors to carry out testing on waste wood to identify whether it is hazardous.  

The Environment Agency has been patient with the demolition sector, but misclassifying hazardous waste wood is illegal. Classifying all wood as hazardous is costly. Demolition contractors are required to sample and test their wood so that we can understand what is hazardous and what is not.

NFDC is also advising Members to discuss the process and costs of testing with clients, since they are indirectly responsible as the waste producer. 

Those requiring more clarification on the classification of waste wood are encouraged to review the current Guidance, which is valid until August 2023 and downloadable via the NFDC website.