Stress Awareness Month – Our Irreversible Journey

Here we find ourselves galloping through Stress Awareness month and inching ever closer to the end of the Covid restrictions here in the UK. Mental Health Foundation have reported that 74% of UK adults felt so stressed at some point in the last year often feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope. This year the focus for Stress Awareness Month is about regaining connectivity, certainty and control.

Mental Health & Wellbeing expert Dave Price discusses the feeling of anxiety felt by many about returning to ‘normal’, along with a technique which may help to reduce the intensity of our feelings and encourage us to establish a calm but alert state in a short article entitled ‘Our Irreversible Journey‘ which is now available on the NFDC’s new Mental Health Hub. 

Don’t forget – all of the new resources NFDC is creating to help you support your workforce towards better mental health and wellbeing will be added to the Mental Health Hub

To find out more about Stress and what you can do to avoid Burnout, visit the Stress & Mental Health page on the Hub.