NFDC: Supporting Our Own through thick and thin – Lighthouse Club Benevolent Fund

Through our Mental Health & Well-being programme and support of the ‘Building Mental Health’ Charter, the NFDC have been working hard to dispel the myth that feelings of stress and anxiety, depression, or low moods are not something to be ashamed and embarrassed of. In actuality, 1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem in any given year and can affect anyone, at any time.

It is reported that individuals within the construction industry attribute their poor mental health to a number of factors, which include long working hours, high risk jobs, family separations, money or budgeting pressures as well as work deadlines, among others.

The Lighthouse Club Construction Industry Helpline, previously the Lighthouse Club Benevolent fund have been registered since 1962, during which time they have worked tirelessly to support those employed within the Construction and Demolition Industry who are facing hardship as a result of accident, disability or poor health, be it physical or mental. The organisation provides emotional and mental support through the use of their 24/7 helpline, whilst also providing financial aid to those in need within the industry. The NFDC have been immensely proud to support their initiative by making significant financial contributions and promoting their work. NFDC gives this support continuously to Lighthouse Club to in turn help those working in the demolition sector in times of grief and hardship. The Federation elects to give to Lighthouse Club and encourage those who most need help to contact them directly.

Lighthouse Club’s CEO Bill Hill has thanked the NFDC, commenting: ‘Last year we supported 2615 construction families in crisis. This was a 57% growth on the previous year. It is with your support that we have been able to deliver free proactive well-being training, launch V2 of our well-being app and introduce professional case workers at our Helpline. This has allowed us to support more families, more effectively and efficiently and at a lower cost per case.’

The arrival of COVID-19 in recent months, the ensuing lockdown, economic fallout and mass redundancies has only caused an increase in the numbers of individuals reaching out and asking for help. Charitable organisations from all areas are facing immense pressure to assist all those in need whilst also tackling their own challenges caused by a significant reduction in funding from cancelled events. Recognising the increased necessity for the Lighthouse Club’s services used by ‘our own’, the NFDC recently donated £20,000 to the Lighthouse Club’s benevolent fund to help them provide an invaluable lifeline to our industry’s most vulnerable.

Looking ahead, donations such as the NFDC’s will enable the implementation of future projects to benefit the demolition and construction sectors, with The Lighthouse Club ‘launching in September additional free education programmes for the construction workforce. These short courses will be based on household budgeting, being interview ready and CV writing’

You can find out more about the Lighthouse Club and those they help by watching their new video here.