We would like to thank all Members for following the process of reporting RIDDOR incidents to the Federation. As a result of this, we are able to share this bulletin with key learning for everyone. NFDC intends to share more Safety Alert bulletins, based on RIDDOR reports, going forward.

We can share that two recent RIDDOR level incidents have highlighted that Card Checking for sub-contract Operatives is critical, and would urge your vigilance in using the online, or app based, card checkers for both CCDO and CPCS cards.

Both incidents were caused in part by sub-contract Operatives working under unregistered, expired or incorrect category CCDO/CPCS cards – in these situations, the Operatives did not have the required qualification for the job.

Ensuring your workforce has the right card for the job is a serious responsibility and absolutely imperative for Safety. Whilst the newer CCDO cards are significantly harder to fake, we are aware that this is unfortunately still happening and it is vital that all CCDO/CPCS cards, no matter how genuine they may appear, are checked for validity and status.

Checking cards and validating worker competence has become even easier following recent developments to the GO SMART app, CCDO cards can now be checked both on Apple and Android phones.

Please reinforce with your Site Supervisors that all sub-contractor CCDO/CPCS cards must be checked for validity and status via the GO SMART Card Reader app, or via the CPCS Smart checker before any Operative is permitted to begin work.

In addition to this, we would urge you to keep up to date training records for any sub-contractor, even those that your company may know well and use on a regular basis, to ensure that cards have not expired and that the correct level of qualification has been achieved to perform the required task.

CCDO Card Checks: NFDC’s pre-existing Guidance Note – A Practical Guide to Fraudulent CCDO/CPCS Cards’  has been updated to reflect the developments to GO SMART and now also includes the steps you must take to check a card on both Android or iPhone. A quick guide to Using the Go Smart App is also available here.

CPCS Card Checks: You can check CPCS Cards on this link.

It takes minutes to check cards and this simple process could help to prevent an incident on your demolition site.

This Safety Alert aims to raise awareness and encourage greater vigilance around spotting unregistered or invalid cards. It also serves as a reminder that part of the criteria demolition contractors must meet for NFDC Membership is a trained workforce with up to date skills and qualifications. NFDC Site Auditors will also be checking validity and status of all CCDO cards via the App on every Site Audit.

If you are in any doubt as to the authenticity of a CCDO/CPCS card, please contact NDTG who will check CCDO cards for you or provide you with the necessary information and support to check a CPCS card.

Please do continue to keep NFDC informed of any incidents or near misses. We are keen, as I know you are too, to learn from each other and continue to share information and best practice within the industry.